Posted by: John | December 18, 2008


Thanks to Mat Bowles I now have about 5 more condoms on my pc – though can you take these things too far?

For instance, the adblock add-on in FF3 – when i raise it says the likes of ` relies on ads to make its money blah blah blah…..please add our website to your whitelist`. Tried that – yet when i type in the allow button is greyed out.

What does one do?

All the pages of most of my heavily viewed bookmark bar I’ve allowed when the `S` comes up on the bottom right-hand side.

I do think though that the PDF reader add-on is excellent considering what everyone’s saying about Adobe.

One point: Can I now uninstall Adobe? Would that make my online life more secure?

Questions – questions.



  1. Trying win the “top blog post of the year if they were arranged in alphabetical order” award, I see.

    I can’t remember how to whitelist the ads on FF3, but I did do it so I’ll have to go back and check.

  2. OK, try this.

    Right click on the ABP icon at the bottom right of the browser and select “preferences”. You should get a box popping up. Click on the “Add filter…” button and it will prompt you to put in a new filter.

    To whitelist libdemblogs, type in

    To whitelist libdemvoice, type in

    You cay cut-and-paste from above. Note that the third character in each case is the pipe symbol (Shift+\ on most UK keyboards).

    There’s almost certainly an easier way to whitelist in Addblock Plus – I’ve just no idea what it is.

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