Posted by: John | December 12, 2008

A slap in the face to the new Labour machine

So the votes are in and all ten boroughs voted no to the Congestion Charge.

The real point here is that Greater Mancunians are sick to the back teeth of doffing caps to both London and new Labour masters at Manchester Town Hall.

This was just seen, in a time of recession, not just a wrong-headed cumbersome scheme but also a way of kicking the arrogant self-serving new Labour machine in the teeth.

We’re living in an era of `what is a £Bn between friends?` period for banks and to get the Government out of a hole – and this was a way for people to stick two fingers up to the Government and provide the money anyway.

Perhaps if it had come with a democratic package with Westminster giving away some powers it could have been a different story!


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