Posted by: John | December 7, 2008

Feeling an alien in my own country

Am I alone or do I feel completely out of touch with the manic-depressive nature of the British economy. I just want a society in which people have work at reasonable pay that can afford them a home at a reasonable price and spend some money and save a reasonable amount.

Is that really too much to ask? I know that there’s this global recession due to greedy bankers (extreme behaviour that is mentally unstable) and the Brown govt was complicit in its behaviour (another mad person with mental health problems related to delusions and cowardice).

So the Daily excess has stated that people who have received interest rate cuts are now spending a huge amount – all well and good yet is that really all we aspire to as a nation. Could consumerism be the new opium of the masses?

While I dream of `getting` Brahms Requiem, whether or not we’ll win Ham & High or Islington South or whether the bear i met last week is after a second shag – others seem to dream of their next purchase of a Gucci bag or a third car.

Add to this the unfairness that Nick points out in his vid – the people who are paying for all this are the people on fixed incomes and the unemployed/job seekers.

All parties will have to decide long-term economic visions – what is the balance between spending and saving and who pays for that balance?

It is THE main question – the real bear in the corner of the room – not the one i spoke about later who’s coming around tonight!



  1. I read the title and feared confessions of groping extra-terrestrials. Glad you’re restricting your wandering hands to the local bears 🙂

  2. To be fair, it’s a mixture of the fault of greedy bankers and greedy homeowners, who weren’t overly known for writing to the Daily Hate and Daily Excess objecting to the spiralling crazy house prices making their on-paper worth grow and grow.

    (and I suffered the same problem as Quist here in reading the post title…)

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