Posted by: John | December 2, 2008

RBS: Let’s do away with `Internal applicants only`

After several attempts at trying to get an answer to a thorny question from RBS, a company i now seemingly own as a taxpayer,  perhaps have some insight as to why it has had to be bailed out. It took seven attempts to get an answer to the following question:

`Do temporary employees have the same rights as Permanent employees in the application process for RBS equivalent jobs`.

Why do I ask this? Well, it just so happens that as an ex agency employee of RBS then there was a practice that in Manchester very few jobs were advertised externally the main bulk of the ones that were being the less attractive call centre type. I wonder whether there has been any changes.

When I posed the question of this new Government financial institution i was told `It’s done on a case by case basis – it’s basically a `business decision`. I would have thought that the best business decision would be to open up the roles to as wide amount of applicants as possible.

I repeat again it is owned now in some way by taxpayers – the Government could step in and change things – I doubt though that this Government would break up the cosy closed shop deal between management and unions that has existed for years.

Time for the Lib Dems to pose the awkward questions?

I shall certainly be asking a question by way of letter to their head office as well as informing our Work & Pensions spokeswoman, Jenny Willott.


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