Posted by: John | November 25, 2008

E-retailing: Is it me or has the world gone mad?

Having been defrauded (I don’t know how) probably using the internet (new credit cards arrived this morning and it’s being investigated) I am also now chasing an order I placed online about the 17th November (for classical CDs).

After calling them they said `oh let’s wait 2 weeks so call back on 3rd December and if not we’ll replace them`! I can’t for the life of me (apart from cheap train tickets and hopefully cheaper products than in the shops or supermarket shopping) see what the point of etailing is. I thought the whole point is that it should be safe, reliable and efficient. Has it got too big for its boots?

You know I’ve had an idea. I’ve just noticed in my wallet these fancy bits of paper with pictures of the Queen on them. Maybe if instead I actually went to a shop and bought them myself I could a) contribute to a small music shop directly and b) they’ll be in my possession straight away. Bit radical I know – do you think it’ll catch on!

From now on I’m avoiding etailing like the plague – and as for no chip and pin forget it – I’ll just walk out.


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