Posted by: John | November 24, 2008

`Right, Who started it?`…..

The economic mess we’re in.

My main point is that the pain we will be suffering is simply delayed pain from the past 11 years. If it had been spread along those years with prudence and honesty we would have suffered only twinges rather than a bad fall and dislocation of a hip.

We still need to come back to the central issue – the financial management of this country under New Labour. After all, what is democracy, if you don’t make those you’ve elected ACCOUNTABLE.

It looks like it’ll be `global this, global that` with no hint of an apology for the new Labour British bubbles. Brown will be heralded by his party as `saying the unsayable` and telling it as it is and as Nick Robinson says `watch out for our old friend National Insurance`.

The BBC needs to take care to include Vince Cable as sensitively as possible – what we REALLY need though is for them to do a special programme on the Economy on which the three Treasury spokesmen will be able to put out their narrative as to what went wrong and what needs to happen now for the short and medium-term. LSE people could be on hand along with political hacks etc to shed light on the spin.

If our own Press people aren’t on the case why aren’t they?


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