Posted by: John | November 23, 2008

The banks are not brilliant!

Well after Bollox what a come down to discover that my credit card was defrauded by a figure of £700. Naturally, i’m still wondering how. I’m particularly careful with my transactions and online activities with firewalls/anti-spyware and tracker cookies yet i suppose it only takes one blink of the eye. This seemingly is on the increase and I presume the recession will not help matters.

I’ve cancelled the card and of course i’ll be very wary of putting my card details online – i’ve no idea what you have to do to guarantee safety these days.

The main point of saying this is that the way it was dealt with was a bit crass to say the least – feeling shaken and stirred i was offered `privacyguard` as a product opportunity. I was basically uninterested in this at that time caring more about the card being cancelled and the money refunded. I suggested they send me details which they resisted. To say I’m not happy is an understatement. True it wasn’t their fault about the fraud yet i’d be happy to have something sent to me.

That brings me to my next beef – Nationwide Building Society. I rang them to ask them about my recent transactions just in case the same thing had happened on that account. After I told them about the fraud on my non-Nationwide credit card they then said they could send a statement out by post and `oh would I be interested in their credit cards`. NO – I DON’T WANT ANY F’ING CREDIT CARDS – the last thing i want to think about is taking on any new credit cards – i’m not particularly enamoured of them at the moment!

My final point is given the image of the banks at the moment you’d think that they’d be a bit more savvy but no! One has to ask in the new Labour bust economy for investing less than £50,000 or having a current account, given this type of crass customer service, what the point of mutuals are? Yes I know they can make you feel warm and cuddly – yet this question certainly DIDN’T make me feel that. With the Nationwide unless you want to have e-savings (no not anymore thank you) then unless you have a bond with them you really should be banking elsewhere.

That is my new years’ resolution – find the best bank for me!


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