Posted by: John | November 23, 2008

Grace Jones vs Girls Aloud

A great album

A great album

If you are looking for one classy bit of disc at the moment you could do worse than `Hurricane` by Grace Jones.

It sounds luxurious without being overdone – in short it `looks after you`with brilliant music-making. In the meantime i’ve also listened to the new Girls Aloud album which has some great moments with a few of the tracks traversing new territory for them though one comes away shrugging ones shoulders to most of it. The problem is that it doesn’t stand up to Jones’ standard whose production and music is simply advanced. This is ADULT music that can be listened to by kids while GA is the reverse.

I’d particularly highlight `William’s blood`, `I’m crying (Mothers` tears),  `well well well`, `love you to life`, and the title track `Hurricane` while `This is` is a great opener. `Corporate cannibal` is a rather  Jonesesque plodder that stays with you for ages . Those into Green issues should make a beeline for `sunrise – sunset`! The only low point is that by the last track the album has lost some direction with `the devil in my life`. Saying that to my ears this song is equal to the best track on the Girls Aloud album.

If you’re looking for a great chrissie present you might not need to look further than Ms Jones.


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