Posted by: John | November 23, 2008

Bollox was brilliant!

After hearing the BBC Phil play Rachmaninov’s 1st and a little-known Rachmaninov opera with a fellow OUTer (LGBT social networking site) I did the usual monthly outing to `Club Bollox`. It’s a night full of bears, gayers, lezzers, bis and students on the alternative music club night out – basically started as `bollox to the Gay scene`. Got to the Outpost on time and met up with my mate Phil who had a houseguest (that’s what we Cancerians liek Phil and I call them to distinguish them from other guests!) in his 50s, Adrian, who didn’t know whether he should go out or not. He’d have preferred to stay in Phil’s flat drinking cocoa!

Anyway, as there was also others like Phil and Andy and two lezzer friends of theirs and everyone was getting on so well we did manage to persuade him to club it. Add to that a fellow OUTer new to Manchester contacted me and I met him and introduced him to everybody.

I was on particularly serene cheeky form – hence when a gorgeous Italian British guy and his bear bf noticed that Adrian was not smiling i said to the Italian guy Tony `I’m sure if you put your arm around him and give him a kiss he’d cheer up`. He did and Adrian DID cheer up!

The nicest thing was that they did play a song I’d requested on their facebook profile – `Focker` by Late of the pier.

How cool.


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