Posted by: John | November 17, 2008

Lynne is half-right!

If anyone should talk about ways we should be getting our message across it’s Lynne Featherstone – it’s obvious that the local Lib Dems in Haringey have really worked hard to get their message with two other councillors on Today this morning and World at One. You could hear the pique in David Lammy’s worthy but irritatingly condescending voice this morning at having to explain his lack of activity on the Baby P subject.

However, saying that the Tax issue is a huge national thing and I wonder if just doing the things Lynne suggests is enough? What about really thinking innovatively and having a tax calculator on our website? Or how about a special fundraising campaign around the tax issue that could be a site linked to our own site and then use a slogan about it to put on buses? The internet is great – yet it seems to preach to the converted.


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