Posted by: John | November 10, 2008

Let’s give a contract to Burt/Matthewson

So, let’s get this straight:

Two guys think that they should take over HBOS to make it an `individual entity` (with my money as a taxpayer) because they’ve done it before – and have Alex Salmond’s approval.

When asked what plans they have on R4 they say that they don’t have any but give us a chance.

Am I the only one to think that for ordinary entrepreneurs/small business people they would be laughed out of the interview room?

One alternative of course could be for them to be offered an OTE contract by HBOS so that they are tied to performance and profit and not propping up non-jobs for the fat cats. That way their expertise could be sucked in and their fees increase as they prove their worth.

Or perhaps they want to take part in the lavish parties that HBOS seem to like to reward themselves for their failure? Trebles all round!  here I wonder what Charlotte Gore thinks?

There seems to be a whole class of people who think that the laws pertaining to ordinary working people don’t pertain to them. While the rest of us struggle to get the job, the pay rise, the pension these people seem to think they can walk into any job demanding what they like, spend money like confetti even though they’ve failed and spend taxpayers money on grandiose schemes without providing a proper plan. Brown’s partly to blame for behaving so poorly in Government.

One thing that amazes me is that the public seem to have bought into this mantle of Brown being the solid guy looking after working peoples interests when he is partly to blame himself as well as it seems trying to now take on loads of borrowing that’ll just make the problem worse for future generations. We seem to be completely sidelined by a majority of the people that need us – people who can’t seem to see that we will govern in their best interests and/or will try to tackle the chief problems that the nation faces. In what way are/have Labour/Tories asked the critical uncomfortable questions and posed them to the public? Britain is in need of severe adult supervision and all they offer are more of the same – wrap yourself up in the same cotton wool `it’ll be alright on the night`.

This whole banking thing is making me sick to the stomach – there are millions of people who haven’t over-stretched themselves and due to sound financial behaviour have sacrificed the larger house and the luxury cars/holidays only to find that they themselves are penalised for their own behaviour. What’s the point of saving? Hell, what’s the point of anything?


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