Posted by: John | November 8, 2008

Let’s change policy for British air passengers in the US

In these `dead duck days` of the dying Bush presidency one thing that the UK can push for with the new Government is for the scaling down of the `Department of Homeland Security`.

The `welcome` one receives at US airports is pretty dire and hardly an incentive to return. The one thing that can be done is to ease the transiting procedures that are simply an unnecessary call on travellers time, dignity and money.

Time – It can take up to two hours just to TRANSIT from one plane to another even when you’re using the US as a hub to get to another country! This could be after a ten hour flight!

Dignity – to ask travellers to go through the same ordeal as they endured in the UK just to change planes is a nonsense. It’s an affront to the UK’s own procedures as well as to the traveller.

Money – for this inconvenience travellers pay extra tax!

The problem is that it has sapped the image of the Americans amongst foreigners for a few years now – a lot simply pay extra and go via Europe (eg to get to Mexico go via Spain and not the US) thus denying income to the US.

If the US can scale back on its paranoia then the US could be quids in again as can the British traveller.

There are a lot of things that need changing in the DHS – this could be a start.


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