Posted by: John | November 8, 2008

I’m depressed about British politics

Was interested in the latest blog by Liberal England

Was out last night with a few other gayers – the usual monthly restaurant outing with other 30/40 somethings.

The discussion came to the state of the nations finances and I have to say it totally depresses me how we have come to the point where people simply blot out the realities of both the behaviours of their fellow citizens and their Government. Do we have such a pathological need to look away from our own behaviours and cling to someone elses – anyone – some great `Father Brown` – it’s like the abused clinging to an abuser.

It seems that, as a nation, we are unable to vote for what we ACTUALLY want and prefer to be wrapped up in cotton wool as if we don’t DESERVE the reward of facing reality and not repeating the old mistakes.

The real issue of course is how we convert `respect for an old uncle` into `votes for Uncle Vince`.

It was as if last night that it was all something that was `one of those things` and that nobody had to be held to account. They all seemed to be happy in their jobs and the only problem was `some of the prices had gone up`. These are essentially `good people` with ordinary jobs leading their own lives yet unable to understand that it is completely unacceptable that the British bubble shouldn’t have happened. Let’s face it it’s shameful – yet we seem to have no shame about what happened. Everything is me me me – how’s it affecting me and not `how can we change the system so that things become real again`. Oh, and another thing was said `the media have hyped it up`.

Again, after hearing Vince’s contribution to Today this morning I’m reassured – yet when will we start to put forward policies of credit restraint – fixed rules that go hand in hand with the banks regulations regarding self-certification of mortgages and 3.5x income etc. The fact that the banks are cautious now doesn’t mean that they will be forever!

What I really want to know is what is our message to the people who have done the right thing – ie HAVEN’T over-borrowed and HAVE sacrificed the larger house or the luxury holidays. Still waiting Lib Dem treasury team – answers to that one on a postcard please from a Lib Dem/Tory marginal!

The other real problem for the Lib Dems is how do we translate the `good uncle` to `Vince the vote`.

We DESERVE to reap the rewards. Why aren’t we?

I’m sorry to be so depressing this Sarturday morning – yet these questions have to be asked as I also work indirectly for this party on its telephone operations – and at the moment it ain’t pretty.


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