Posted by: John | November 6, 2008

It’s official: Alaska truly is a basket-case

I wonder whether the GOP would actually consider the Alaska Independence Party’s views on seccession.

Looking at the results last night it is clear that Alaska is so full of fruit-cakes that it no longer understands the difference between right and wrong or the proper standards that are required in public life.

One doesn’t have to do anything ILLEGAL to know that you have to draw the line BEFORE that line has passed – you hear that Governor Palin?

However, it does beg the question of whether the world needs to take a good look at this state and see if it needs special help.

To whit:

Last night – after 99% of precincts had reported – the Senator Ted Stevens was re-elected by 4,000 votes. This is the same Ted Stevens who was convicted on seven counts of felony only a week ago.

We will have to see if in Congress Don Young has been re-elected – he also has corruption charges against him.

Seems from his website that all the Alaskans seem to want is a load of free money – yet they keep on talking about `conservatism` and no to pork barrel politics. Hypocrites!


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