Posted by: John | November 4, 2008

Media tonight….you pays your money…..

and makes your choice.

Tonight would be a great time to try out new things like the itunes radio stations and the in-depth look at results county-by-county.


CNN – From 23:00 – if you have cable. Down the line Cable channel with great maps and the `best political team on television`.

For watching on the web – try MSNBC it’s the most Liberal cable channel – Fox of course might be fun for the frowns!

BBC News 24 -Again from 23:00


Radio 4 – 23:00 comedy with Tina C – a pretend Republican country singer (actually a man) who disparages the Republicans more than the Democrats – 23:30 Today in Parliament – 24:00 back to the election

Radio 5 live – again as ever – from 23:00

On itunes radio – ie download itunes and click on radio then talk/spoken word:

Air America – National Liberal radio – it launched Rachel Maddow’s career

H.O.R.N – real died in the wool Liberal radio (quasi-socialist end) – unconventional


Keeping up to date with the results in detail:

And don’t forget: Signwatch for some good old Democrat chat and a party on the lawn:

Sign up to the site and chat away


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