Posted by: John | November 3, 2008

Sign up to signwatch!

One of my favourite US websites has been one that is not run by political anoraks (though those sites and people are great!) nor by uber-Democrats. The one I’m talking about was set up by a 16yo kid who was fed up seeing his family’s Obama signs being nicked by low-level Repub swines!

So he set up a cam for his relatives in other parts of the States while the family slept or were at school/working. Attached to the cam vid is a chatroom that has grown in enormous proportions from just close acquaintances to people from all over the world – Obamamaniacs, Democrats, Progressives, Liberals and the odd Independent getting to know each other, assuaging worry about O’s chances and chatting. One moment I’m being one of the first to hear of Palin’s troopergate decision the next I’m being told that Thomas the Tank Engine is greatly helping one of the watchers’ autistic children!

Tomorrow SignKid (Preston is real name) and Teach (the mum who teaches) and the rest of the family will be on the lawn by the signs having a party to hopefully celebrate.

Why not join them over the next 36 or so hours on:

To chat you need to register – it’s pretty painless. You don’t need to to `lurk`.



  1. Nice description of our SignWatch. Thanks and nice meeting you. GO OBAMA!

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