Posted by: John | November 1, 2008

There is no alternative!

Remember those words?

The main story of the past couple of months (amongst many) is that the reduction in equality is crucial.

When the history books have been rewritten the only way to do that will be adopting policies in the range of economic models from German Christian Democracy and Swedish Social Democracy. There are three things that these countries have in common:

1. Personal and business credit control based on stability and ability to pay back along with a CULTURAL assumption that the market is the servant of the state with the market’s job being the enabler of wealth distribution for the common good.

2. Power being exercised at the most practical level – the assumption that you look for the LOWEST level of accountability not the opposite.

3. Fair voting systems to ensure that this happens

Yeh, I know it’s really boring – but I don’t care as long as the exciting risk-takers will take calculated decisions and not have a system that enables unlimited gambling with other peoples money.

What would people rather have? No job with crap centralised `jobsearch` state service where they have very few opportunities to vote for winning candidates or – holding a job, planning for the future, having personable public services with a strong accountable local council and a fair vote that promotes that promotes that stability?

This sort of thinking will be seen as radical. I wondered when it would happen.


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