Posted by: John | October 31, 2008

Old Tory/UKIP fogey attacks BBC

I’ve just heard Charles Moore discuss the Brand/Ross episode, with his awfully arrogant privileged voice, saying that this example shows that the  BBC is disintegrating before our very ears moan moan waffle waffle. Let’s face it – he’s probably never supported a public broadcasting company in his life – always thinking that it’s ideologically unsound.

Yes, the Brand/Ross `joke` was tasteless and went over the line. It was a mistake by two overpaid jerks who are as equally as arrogant and over-privileged.

A UK WITHOUT a `public` BBC would be very different.

I regard the BBC as a cultural firewall against the uncultured short-termist American sloppiness that has engulfed America and which Obama is trying to hold back.

For those that want to commercialise it I only have a two word answer: `Crazy Frog`!

Let’s man and woman the barricades against the privatisation of the BBC.



  1. John,

    And it’s such a pity considering what a thoroughly decent chap his father is… Richard can still be seen at our Party Conferences each year, the elderly gentleman from Bexhill and Battle who looks like a retired army officer.

    In his day, he was one of the great orators at our events and a better liberal you couldn’t hope to find. His son is such a disappiontment…

  2. I see your disdain for ordinary people is very strong. Can’t be letting people have what they want, its not good for them is it? Not very liberal, rather Tory really, isn’t that their refrain? People must be protected from themselves.

    What is it you hate about America too? So much your write is filled with hatred for the US, mostly based upon ignorance.

  3. I disdain a lack of cultural balance – the shallow or `light` must go hand in hand with depth and intelligence.

    Have you ever been to America and watched its TV and listened to its radio? It’s a joke. Reason: we have the BBC.

    If you read what I really write about America – i do it with some balance – not everything I write is bad about America – that’s why I support Obama. We could go back to the Clinton years when their healthy economy helped us.

    As for yourself – you’re really a right-wing Tory – why don’t you just join them.

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