Posted by: John | October 29, 2008

Where they work they win

Looking at the polls it looks like McCain has benefitted from an `uptick` while Obama’s stayed steady.

I have a theory that is not i think just wishful thinking:

1. Obama still takes 50% – it’s been ages that it’s been below 49%. His vote is holding steady yet do these polls take into account the unbalanced ground effort between both the GOP and the Democrats AND the differential in the states that Obama has poured in resources?

Could it be that the uptick of 1% is really a combination of a) piling on majorities in Red states AND a slight increase in solid blue states that don’t have the huge ground war going on?

My belief is the old adage `where we work, we win` is working very well for Obama.

In the case of Red states too most activity (in a place like Alabama) would have been home-grown by particular `drivers` say in a particular county who just chance their luck in pulling up the vote to do ANYTHING for their own neck of the woods and to at least feel part of the campaign.

In Alabama there is no Obama campaign office – there has been one rally in the capital Birmingham (without Obama) and phone banking Florida so goodness knows whether a particular person has taken it upon themselves to make hand-made signs and do a `walking tour`.


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