Posted by: John | October 29, 2008

Is Lord Carlile a Lib Dem?

First he disapproves of the Party’s stance on 42 days – as the Government’s adviser on terrorism.

Now he seems to want to push back against `assisted suicide` – what is the point of this man – shouldn’t he just be an Independent? He’s like the Joe Lieberman of the Liberal Democrats!



  1. He IS a lib dem. So what do you expect? :op

  2. Ironically he was in fact the chair of our last Civil Liberties Policy Working Party back in, oh, about 2000. All of which he supported as far as I remember. So maybe it is particularly selfless of him to go against what he himself helped to formulate and be genuinely “Independent”. But if so, I don’t think anyone would disrespect him in the party for actually sitting as a Crossbencher to make the point – I’m sure we would let him remain a member!

  3. Since when has assisted suicide been a Liberal Democrat policy or even a liberal principle. I would have huge problems with such a policy. It seems to me that in any vote on this matter then the conscience clause would be imvoked for MPs and Lords. Alex Carlile is very much a Liberal Democrat and a damn good barrister.

  4. What can we do to get him expelled from the party for dereliction of party principles? Frankly, I don’t expect the party to support people in positions where they do nothing to stand up for our values. We need a Ned Lamont-style movement. Where do we start?

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