Posted by: John | October 27, 2008

Did money change hands?

From the BBC website: George Osborne has acknowledged that he made a “mistake” in becoming involved in a discussion about a possible donation to the Tory Party from Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska.

Well what daya know – George Osborne was on the same yacht as Feldman a Tory fundraiser and he made out that it was `oh he happened to be in the area so I invited him over to my friend’s yacht for a cup of tea`.

Either George Osborne didn’t KNOW of the nationality of Mr Deripaska in which case he’s ignorant of his own brief

or: he did know and the whole thing was set up so that Feldman was `just around on the island`and he could tap him illegally for money

Who would you believe – Rothschild who couldn’t care less whether Deripaska donated money – or Feldman who couldn’t care MORE?

Their little game has been uncovered.


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