Posted by: John | October 26, 2008

Is Sarah the `rogue` candidate?

Is Sarah the `rogue` candidate or the `rouge` candidate – I just can’t tell and I think Americans will be so fed up of thinking about it that they will just vote Obama/Biden in bigger numbers.

Voters don’t like it when they feel they’re doing all the thinking for the politicians and not thinking alongside them. The reason why `clothes gate` became such an issue is because Sarah turned up at the interview dressed to the nines but couldn’t answer the basic questions. Otherwise the $150,000 would just have been a curiosity point for fashionistas and hello-type magazines. McCain’s problem is that the swing voters are looking not just at the policies but at how the campaigns are conducted for guidance as to the way they can cope in a crisis and reform America.

The best thing about this election is that the bar has been set so much higher – `folksy` and right-wing hokey philosophy is not enough, indeed it’s a liability.


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