Posted by: John | October 22, 2008

The Palin problem: The `alliance of fear`

Palin’s becoming a real drag on the ticket:

1. By being too extreme

2. By being too thick

3. By saying that `she will control the Senate`. If she believed that then she’s both ignorant and dangerous.

The main undercurrent here is the dysfunctional nature of the Republican party and the fracturing of its `alliance of fear`.

The first lot are those whom are the poor and poorly educated `small town` people. Religious and puritanical in outlook (some sort of hangover from the 19th century) they want the abolition of Roe V Wade, no Gay marriage and a social system based on `the duties of christianity` where the bonds that hold people together are a strict orthodoxy with no room for rebellion. Their problem is that Republicans HAVE NOT DELIVERED on their core issues and seem to have just abused them for votes. Palin will be the last throw of the dice for them yet McCain seems to say `one thing in Sacramento and another in San Francisco` (his slogan about Obama) when it comes to their core issues.

The second lot are the fiscal Conservatives. More socially moderate and sometimes Liberal they believe in balancing budgets and fiscal responsibility. Problem is Palin showed scant regard for that when she was Mayor of Wassilla. Her inability to give a clear constitutional view of `what does the VP do everyday` is another problem. Those social moderates that are worried about fully Democratic government (ie in Congress, Senate and White House) might balk at the idea of having Palin as VP with such a narrow grasp of the Constitution as well as feeling suspicious she might actually put forward a puritanical hard right agenda if McCain is elected.

The `alliance of fear` – poor people fearing modernity and change; suburbanites fearing too much taxation – two totem issues that used to keep the Republicans together have failed due to the collapse of neoconservative economics.

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