Posted by: John | October 21, 2008

Things are falling into place for Obama

I am a very cautious man when it comes to elections – on the surface I’m calm and unruffled but that may not reflect the excitement inside.

Things do look portentous for Obama and it looks like, at present, gearing up to being a very strong result for the Democrats:

1. A Republican senator in a swing state has endorsed Obama – handily mentioning the robocalls.

2. A sense of exciement by political analysts that show us the maps

3. Auspicious early voting patterns in those states that track demographics of those that voted

4. `Downticket` Republicans getting very twitchy

5. The McCain camp have all but officially written off Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado as `holding bleak prospects`. They are instead going around like headless chickens in the state of Pennsylvania that was in the Democratic column even during the Bush years. The point to that is `what happens in Ohio?`.

If I was on Team Obama – I;d put Clintons and Biden to Pennsylvania – granny’s health excepting Obama to Ohio, West Virginia and Indiana.

For McCain It seems to be looking more and more like a bad game of chess – move that piece and not defend the other.

Is this the most desperate race for the Republicans yet?


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