Posted by: John | October 20, 2008

Obama gets angry!

Obama is as cool as a cucumber.

He’s astonished me at his self-disciplined restraint and laser-sharp mind and words.

I get the impression though, having looked at many rally youtubes, that he’s really taking the gloves off in that same laser-sharp fashion.

Interesting that he’s doing that in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Earlier at some organised social event he was heckled by someone repeating John McSame’s talking point of declaring him a `socialist`.

Having looked at the map Fayetteville is in the `red hinterland` between Charlotte and Southern Ohio. I’m surprised he wasn’t shouted at with other words. Looking at the following vid I guess that the speech was done after that sloganising. His anger was palpable yet, as usual, he got even not with the messenger but the organ grinder. This was new for him – this is real bare-knuckles fighting.

You go Obama – don’t give up!


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