Posted by: John | October 18, 2008

What if McCain wins?

What will happen to our banking reforms?

What will happen to our abilities to stop boom and bust?

What will it say about America?

It’s a situation that we need as a party a provisional view on.

This country will turn its back on the US if that happens – and we will need to address that mood.

Any answers Lib Dem frontbench?



  1. Banking reforms that nobody knows what form they will take that both Obama and McCain broadly agree on in principle?

    Stop boom and bust? Yeah right. How exactly with Obama, Biden, Reid, and Pelosi stop boom and bust? Like Gordo did?

    What will it say about America? Many, many things. Including that not enough people bought BHO’s schtic.

    What answers are you envisaging? “Dear people of Britain, the Lib Dems feel your pain that the person you didn’t generally want to win an election in another country one. We cry in solidarity with you.”? Its absurd.

    Lets stop pretending that Obama is a savior.

    Fortunately for your fears, Obama is looking nearly untouchable in the last three weeks. He will be President. So worry not.

    The Messiah has come.

    N.B. I intend to vote Obama

  2. I don’t think he’s a saviour – I just think the bar is so low it’s a good job someone’s managed at least a high jump.

    I agree that he is nigh on untouchable electorally – it is clear though that if McCain wins it would be enough uneducated oafs have taken the Rovian spin koolaid.

    For the record, I don’t think he talks schtic.

  3. If MCcain wins, it is the surest sign this is no longer a democracy and the only realistic solution to restore it would be violent revolution. But where to strike? Military targets? I mean washingston DC will get burned to the ground, any government building would be a target and it’s quite probable the “provisional/temporary” government we would create after the revolution would execute certain members of the previous administration. Wolfowitz’s and Bush’s everywhere will be changing their last names to “Hilter” and “Busch” and moving to the UK. The biggest threat of a Mccain presidency is that extremists (left or right) could seize power while the smoke clears and we may end up with something worse like a military dictatorship. If Mccain wins, people will have to die, in large numbers. There is no way a logical people who are truly devoted to freedom could ignore such obvious voter fraud.

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