Posted by: John | October 16, 2008

The rising of the African-Americans

It’s clear that there are still problems with discrimination (particularly in the Deep South) in America regarding race.

I always remember in 2000 when i visited the States and saw the marvellous works of art by Edward Hopper at a special exhibition of African-American art. This was in Cincinnatti, Ohio. Travelling around the mid-west i loved that `yer know what ahm sayyinn` accent and their can do `let’s get educated` attitude that is so becoming in Barack Obama.

With Obama the African-Americans are casting off the cloak of oppression for good and showing their fellow citizens the full dignity of their characters.

Here’s a clip of someone who has style and dignity and a clintonesquely direct style of communicating.

It’s strangely haunting.



  1. This was very interesting. I am not a fan of Pastor Jamal Bryant but he undoubtably knows how to use the words when he needs to. I’d rather see him speak political than religiously.

    Tina Phillips

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