Posted by: John | October 15, 2008

We’re all waiting for America

Even with all the work Gordon Brown is doing chasing around the globe saving the World in the end most of the World is waiting for Nov 4th. Never has such an election mattered in our World – not even an American election.

I feel it – we all feel it. Yes everybody goes around getting on with their lives and yet there’s this underlying hum of anticipation. Can the `free world` start anew?

Europe can only lead for so long on getting banking reform sorted out – yet we need to know the attitude of the man in the White House to see how those reforms take shape.

It’s also perceived that who is elected can change the tone of the World. Many Britons want to return to the America we used to know and love – the imperfect, albeit, sunny and more liberal world of the Clintons; a time when we used to have a cheery face in the White House – and a cheerier face at US airports. A time when a President spoke and we could understand him – that we could grasp something articulate and thoughtful because he embodied curiosity, friendliness and hope.

I’m not a religious man – but let’s pray for change.

Obama/Biden 08


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