Posted by: John | October 15, 2008

Vote for Ros!

For the first time ever I’ve voted in a presidential campaign where a candidate has explained just WHAT the President is/does. The framework is clear –

  • To chair the Federal Executive and to oversee the internal management of the Party in a way which ensures consistency of vision and strategy, effective decision making and the upholding of Party democracy so that we remain a grassroots Party.
  • To act as a link between the membership and the Leadership to ensure that the views of the members are at the core of what we do.
  • To be a key external face of the Party with the media, with communities, business and interest groups, potential supporters and with the international community.

Indeed, I KNOW that she actually listens to members – she’s already demonstrated it by listening to me and other bloggers/members. We were saying `Ros, please tell us what you think the three priorities are` and she did it. I’ve also put suggestions to her regarding training and what members think about some of the inefficiencies in the Cowley Street operation – again she replied.

She’ll ensure the President will serve the members as well as giving the role sensible flair. We want someone whose personality is SYNONYMOUS with being President not the Presidency serving the personality.

If you haven’t already done so – please vote for Ros no 1. Just a few minutes of your time will pay off in great dividends later on.



  1. This is quite scary! After 4 years of failure, I couldn’t believe the American people voted George Bush for another 4 years.

    Barrack Obama is extremely intelligent, I think the last three debates makes that clear. This is a man who was painted as inexperience – Barrack Obama actually have taught Mcain as well as the American people more about the foreign policy, energy policy, and economics than either one of us knew. I did my research after each debate and Barrack Obama clearly understands these policies and understands what has failed.

    MCain either does not have a clue or just does not know how to articulate what he wants to say. . because he never answers the questions with specifics – he goes all over the place.

    Hillary Clinton just stated Mcain called her a couple of weeks for advice on economics . . .wtf. He couldn’t even answer the questions on his Vice President choice-once again all over the place.

    Either my ears are clogged up or the some of America aren’t listening or are choosing not to listen. Everyone clearly can see how frustrated, and panicked Mcain was.

    Senator Obama was very calm, poised, and clearly articulated responses to the questions as asked.

    Why can’t we just give him a chance. George Bush was given 2 chances.

    Look at the polls – clearly the majority of America has common sense. Mcain on to many occasions have been all over the place- he just hasn’t done his homework,and he brags about being in the senate 26 years. If that is the case, Mcain shouldn’t have to practice. . .the debate should have been a landslide for him. It wasn’t because he spent 26 years doing NOTHING!
    Come on People!

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