Posted by: John | October 13, 2008

The new post economic tsunami narrative has started

Imagine my delight when I saw Vince having an article in the Daily Mail. This is great news and we need to expand this out to Express/Mirror/Sun/Womens magazines etc

We need to set out what the new capitalist economic model means.

It mustn’t be one that hides the REAL value of the economy – we can’t live through more fantasyland economics – we need to become like adults and find out exactly what that level is.

Yvette Cooper seems to completely missing the point – she wants to go back to 2007 levels of lending. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We want house prices to go to realistic levels so that those that have been excluded from the housing market can afford them. Osborne said `laisse-faire economics is dead and the Tories have never been in favour of that`(World at One 13/10) Time for us to attack them with quotes!

It’s not the lack of lending that’s the problem it’s lack of confidence in the current level of house prices to create confidence in the market. Labour seem to have learnt NOTHING from the past.

Fact: House prices are still too high

Fact: We need a housing market for people that want to LIVE IN their prized asset and not use it simply as an investment vehicle

Any thing else is un-people-shaped capitalism and we should say so.

When the history books have been rewritten we will realise that the level that we reach at the end of this restructuring process would be no different than if we had had a sensible economic policy – you know the really boring one that seems to work for ordinary hard-working families and individuals! Interesting concept that – a capitalistic economy that works for ordinary people. A few months ago a Tory would call me a heretic!

The vast disaparities in income and opportunities between the regions need to be addressed too.

We need to promote `green collar` jobs as part of the green agenda also.


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