Posted by: John | October 12, 2008

Lib Dems: time to bring on the bulldog spirit!

I know it sounds like an old man (I am 104 i mean 41) yet I’m astonished at how standards in politics have slipped in regard to what the public will put up with.

Has the bar been set so low that a Prime Minister who has presided over an economic tsunami can get away with being `bipartisan` (note: not tripartisan) and rush around doing 11 years work in a month so as to be seen as `heroic`? Where is the question – what were you doing for 11 years?

Have standards slipped so much that just doing the job in hand is seen as being excellent?

In my lifetime politicians of both major parties have until 1997 at least tried to do their level best – even if they were unsuccesful. The point is they never said that their best was the best it could be!

We’ve had now the very tampering of trust from this Prime Minister regarding this bipartisanship. First there was the issue of `punishing bankers`. How? Then there was the issue of Brown saying `we will take on blitz mentality`.

I know the Tories are `pussies` due to their utter paralysis regarding the tearing to pieces of their whole outlook and philosophy – people in their circumstances will cling to any lifebelt. But us? Why have we not called him in on these two issues?

The `blitz` idea is one that goes long back in history and is especially used by those who simply want to hoodwink the British public into Orwellian newspeak. Where we agree with the Government we should say so – where we don’t we should do the same. Blitz is for when you’re being physically attacked and have rations. What kind of old-fashioned hoodlum is Gordon Brown?  I always remember being in a call centre when the staff were cut and the pressure to answer calls just piled on the stress – there we had people going on about the `blitz spirit` – i remember thinking then what a convenient ploy to crack the whip.

WAKE UP! It’s daylight robbery – our electoral pockets are being pinched and we’re happy and smiling about it.

Time to say what SHOULD have happened in the British economy – reclaim sound economics as a Cableite Liberal Democrat principle. Or are we just too `pussy` ourselves?

Blitz spirit? Time to allow the Lib Dems to campaign in the spirit of the British bulldog and use that as our way forward.


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