Posted by: John | October 12, 2008

Signs of a landslide?

Those that know me in my local party say I’m very taciturn and conservative when it comes to projecting wins at the local level.

So I’m going to say it now: There could be a landslide in the US.

Signs of it?

1. The difference in demeanour between Dana Bash and Jessica Yelland on CNN last night was palapable. Dana’s been going round with the McCain campaign and by the look on her face it was more like the McPain campaign. Jessica looked as if she’s been at a perpetual party – as a journalist she KNOWS she’s on the right side of history – and journalists love that – not saying how much a dying campaign’s dying out!

2. The people that Obama NEEDS to attract are starting to fall into his column. As every astute politician knows – you need to reach out to the people that would NEVER vote for you to attract some of those that MIGHT. That’s starting to happen – CNN interviewed people in those struggling, usually reliable, Republican towns like Ashville in South Ohio. Some were sticking with McCain because they regarded him as having more experience (gulp!) while others were moving over to Obama due to the change message. Some of them were finding it painful due to their social conservative views although, and it seemed this was particularly so with men, were willing to put those views aside due to the dire Economic situation.

If elections are `wars` – the swathes of `small town America` in South Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina are the places where the real fighting is happening.

Need to know more?,0,5375073.story


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