Posted by: John | October 12, 2008

Brown’s Banco Santander problem

Notwithstanding that Brown is making himself look like an Economic statesman – and to be fair he’s trying to do the right things – one cannot help but imagine a different scenario.

Brown totally bought in to the neo-con economic philosophy though he didn’t need to.

For instance, what if he had done what Vince Cable had suggested and bucked the system by ensuring tough regulation from the outset – on mortgage lending, on personal credit and inflation indices vis-a-vis housing?

We could have been in a lot rosier situation – perhaps it could be OUR banks that were buying up other financial institutions rather like Banco Santander has done with Abbey and B&B. We would have been seen as an economic miracle simply by ensuring that sound financial principles had been practiced.

Instead new Labour decided to go down the lazy route of folllowing the crowd like lemmings over a cliff.

We all want Brown to succeed in banging heads together (how much of this is spin i wonder?) in G7/Europe etc it’s what happens after that that interests me.

Who will get the blame? Whose narrative will seem the more attractive.

That’s why we need to work on this post-sort out narrative now. This I’m sure we’re doing.

That’s why we need our press dept to bang their fists on the table every time someone doesn’t take on board our views on all publications.

I’m still not convinced we have the Genghis Khan’s that are required at the head of our party to assist Vince and Nick on the issue of the economy. Make no mistake if we haven’t then we are allowing ourselves to be walked all over and have votes stolen from us.

So I ask again, and I shall be writing in a communication to Cowley Street, exactly what efforts are being made to engage ALL publications (that includes the Sun and the Mirror!) and what happens when they don’t fall into line (as they never do). As a member who pays his subscriptions I’m eager to hear the answers!


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