Posted by: John | October 10, 2008

Finally getting the US election

I finally get it!

I’ve been racking my brains as to why Obama is doing better than McSame.

Yes it’s the horrendous Economic outlook, yes it’s healthcare and education. It’s also to do with what is becoming a disastrous choice of Sarah Palin as the VP pick.

Though it’s really about two things:

1. The most carefully and surefooted election campaign of any country in this generation. At every turn it has broken new ground, overturned the rules and outsmarted and outclassed its opposition.

2. That is just the underpinning. The overpinning is that the message is absolutely thought through, strategised and genuine.

And that, `my friends`, is the difference between Barack Obama and John McCain.

John McCain is a FAKE. By putting his cowgirl sidekick on the ticket he is showing that he doesn’t know what to be. Is he an old-style maverick `moderate` Republican or a gun-toting bible-bashing semi-fascist? It is clear that he stands as John McCain for power and for John McCain’s power alone. Unlike Barack Obama there is nothing in his campaign’s spirit that is genuinely of a higher order than himself. The public sense this and the switchers are siding with the Democratic candidature. In short, John McCain is not running as his own person.

As for `skipping Sarah` – well, what can one say? It’s not even worth describing the ghastliness of it all – one guesses she’s pandering to the basest of the base so that she can run in 2012. After all, what a great chance to reach out to all those primary voters! She doesn’t give a shit about John McSame – she’s as happy as Harrity in her own tiny little debauched world – as ugly inside as she is narcisstically pretty on the surface.

In their minds the Republicans can’t believe that they could lose much of what they have acquired/stolen in the past eight years. As reality dawns psychologically they feel this huge disconnect between the world as they think it should be and the world as it is – thus the flailing of arms, the exaggeration of tiny things as they fantasise in an escapist fashion. Rather like a drunk selfish motorist who has knocked down a child – they try and reason with their consciences – `oh, if only the Ayers story had more legs then we wouldn’t have to go down in history as the worst Republicans for a generation`. Fraught and frightened themselves, in the eye of the campaign, it must seem torturous, and as all cowards act, they must torture others.

As one man said in his acceptance speech:

`If you don’t have any fresh ideas then you use stale tactics to scare voters. If you don’t have a record to run on, you paint your opponent as someone that people should run from. You make a big election about small things`

B. Obama 2008


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