Posted by: John | October 8, 2008

It’s Genghis Khan stupid!

The business of politics is going to go through hard times, particularly for Labour and the Conservatives. Make no mistake there’s a stitch-up going on between the the TOPS (two old parties) to innoculate their past mistakes.

For Labour it’s not so difficult as they are in power – their narrative is `Let’s do the things we need to do and be bipartisan`. This is a way of trying to erase the past and their own follies – the point is will they go far enough in tackling banking reform?

For the Conservatives their being little miss echoes `Let’s work with Labour and hope the public will blame them for it and give us a blank page`. This will be despite the fact that banking reform is against their own instincts and could be reversed in sunnier times and the public takes their eyes off the ball.

For us we need to hammer the fact that we have been right all along on all the major issues – from Iraq and the Economy. It’s now whether or not psychologically we can allow ourselves to push that ball into the goal – we have EARNT it and boy do we DESERVE to play it. This is not to say in an arrogant way but it does back up everything we do and say in the coming years.

With that respect I ask again: ARE WE RUTHLESS ENOUGH to be focussed, determined and sheerly audacious in propagandising (in a smart way) our message to all and sundry? Now is the time not to be nice and cuddly but to state bold facts the main one being (and to change a quote of Joe Biden) – ON EVERY MAJOR ISSUE THAT AFFECTS THE BRITISH PEOPLE THE LIB DEMS HAVE BEEN RIGHT AND THE OTHER PARTIES HAVE BEEN WRONG!

Ruthlessness (what i call the Genghis Khan instinct) requires lateral thinking about the following two subjects:

Communication – how we communicate and what messages we put across and where

Campaigning – how we fundraise and advertise

There should be nothing offbeam – all ideas should be assessed.

Never forget – politics is warfare where nobody gets killed. It respects smartness, courage and audacity.

It’s time to start going for the kill!


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