Posted by: John | October 7, 2008


So here I am trying to find a page on the internet that includes Vince’s plans for the Economy – something that came through by email a couple of days ago. Why? I simply want to put it as reference to a few of my nemesis people on OUTeverywhere.

Is there anyone other than me that thinks it should be in big lights on the front page of the Lib Dem website?
How on earth are we supposed to do rebuttals and campaign when we can’t get our own house in order when it comes to easy to find documents?

Perhaps someone can actually tell me who i make the complaint/suggestion to – and where I can find this document as I can’t simply place a pdf document on a website’s forum thread!




  1. You wouldn’t be blamed for missing it

    Go to:

    Now in the main burnt-orange title box, with the heading economy, on that page, look at the bottom and you will see, in a slightly different shade of burnt-orange and a slightly bolder font a link that reads:

    Read the Liberal Democrat Fairer Future Economic Recovery Plan

    Click through to that to the page on the plan, from where if you click:

    Click here to read the Liberal Democrat Economic Recovery Plan

    you can read the plan

    We make it so easy don’t we?

  2. Yes it’s a nonsense isn’t it?

  3. Hi John,

    Thanks for your feedback. The best way to make a comment or suggestion is to use the Contact Us link that appears on every page of the party website 🙂

    The Economic Recovery Plan now appears on the front page of the site.

  4. Cool – i’ve seen it now.

    Remember, on our website, it’s the Economy and taxes stupid!

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