Posted by: John | October 6, 2008

The Lib Dems need to push harder on the Economy

Although I’m relieved that both Nick and Vince have done pdfs, articles in broadsheets etc etc about this subject – Am I alone in thinking that we seem to walk the walk and not talk the talk!

It’s clear to me that if Vince had been Gordon Brown we wouldn’t have been in this particular mess but maybe our banks would have been doing what Banco Santander are doing – buying up foreign assets as a reward for sound financing!

Why is it that we seem to be restricting our voice on these matters to the FT, Sunday Times and the BBC?

What are we doing to reach out to other papers and outlets? I don’t buy this idea that in this albeit multi-media age (I’m shocked that people even read this blog!) that we should shut out the Sun, Mirror, Mail etc.

What’s that i hear? They are militantly against us like Kevin Maguire of the Mirror? So what? That’d be my cue to bang my fist on the table and say that we want proper representation. What’s that you say? They’re not interested – so what? Keep on banging those doors and if in doubt just produce your own rant column about Labour entitled `the Mirror` and MAKE THEM GIVE US THE PUBLICITY!.

That leads me on to my next gripe – a lack of lateral thinking. Instead of relying on our own esteemed website (which still doesn’t have Vince’s remarkable pdf on its front page) let’s have campaigns of our own on a seperate website (it can be linked from the main site) asking for funding for a campaign on the Economy. We’ll leave it to trust that the message would be right (hell, anything is better than nowt!) just rake in many thousands of five pound notes and then make a splash.

Some ideas of my own:

1. A humanist group is raising money to counteract a religious groups advertising on the buses – whatever you think of the subject matter it doesn’t sound like it will cost a lot of money for four weeks worth of bus advertising in London. How much less will it cost in Yorkshire/Lancs/Greater Manchester etc?

2. How about then pushing this forward to billboards?

It’s not that we don’t have the policies – It’s just that psychologically we still do not believe in ourselves enough – do we feel in our inner cores that we deserve victory? Some of us do – however, noises off, there’s still this incessant drip drip drip by the vested interests – papers, unions, big business etc tapping away at our self-esteem it seems. Otherwise why wouldn’t we have done these things before?

So come on those in Cowley Street and the gurus – trust our imaginations and let’s `make it happen`!



  1. What would the humanist advert say?

    “If Odin did exist, what would you ask?”
    “There is no salvation. There is no afterlife. Live with it”

  2. We certainly have a really possitive message on the economy. We’re the only party with good policies on helping people out, we want to cut taxes for the poor and middle classes.
    Have you noticed that the media always quote Vince Cable when they want a politician to talk sence and explain what’s happened in the economy. The problem is they never quote things he might have said about what the libdems have to offer.

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