Posted by: John | October 3, 2008

While McPalin gives up on MI…..

Team Obama open a new campaign office there to add to the 50 others in that state! All over MI registration drives will be going on at the weekend.

While that happens…..

Team Obama open up two new offices in North Carolina!


Three office openings this weekend bring us to a total of 44 offices statewide! Join us this weekend in Fuquay-Varina, Clayton and Selma to eat good food and meet fellow supporters in your community

Last weekend volunteers knocked on over 107,000 doors in North Carolina” said Marc Farinella, State Director for the Obama campaign here in North Carolina.” The groundswell of support for Senator Obama in North Carolina has enabled us to open campaign offices in every corner of the state. These offices will serve as a resource to our 9,000 statewide volunteers who are working to bring about the change that North Carolinians deserve.”

As Catherine Tate’s culinary challenged characters would say `this is in North Carolina!`


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