Posted by: John | October 1, 2008

US elections: Squaring the circle

After all these hilarious Sarah and Katie videos etc I finally totally get it.

Both Dems and Repubs are trying to square the circle of winning the election. To win you have to have your base vote – fully understood. The swing voters though are divided between two groups – the hard-thinking Independents and Liberal minded middle-upper class soft Republicans on one side and the `low-information` voters on the other.

With Sarah the Republicans are trying desperately to catch up with the first group by `schooling` her and cramming her with talking points and knowledge.

With Obama he’s getting or got a large part of the former – now he’s reaching out to the latter with some success particularly in Pennsylvania.

One huge problem for McPalin – the Economic Tsunami has placed an exocet in the Republicans strategy. They were wanting to move the election on to `likeability`, `relatedness`, `cultural values` etc etc – things that even it up in a `thin year`. They now have to get into meaty issues and apart from generalities and compromised positions Sarah cannot cut it. John McSame has hardly fared much better either.

I think the election result was set at the weekend – Obama winning by at least 60 EVs.


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