Posted by: John | September 28, 2008

Lib Dems: Still a lot more work to do

Although I’m impressed by the new party website I’m not impressed by the content.

What’s everyone thinking about at the moment – the Economy.

I thus go to the site and the top headline is about Ming’s statement on Defence. I think after the `home` bit there should be some bullet points on Tax and the Economy – simple statements about where we are now and our SOLUTIONS for the future.

Although we’re getting there – we need to do even more hard work on how we communicate our message – what ordinary people (not westminster bubble want to hear). Fact: People that blog for LibDemblogs are not ordinary people – ordinary people, although intensely interested in the finances of their families, and if single. them personally don’t have time to find exactly where everything is. Do that job and we’ll secure their interest. In this regard we need to be absolutely ruthless – it’s the Economy, taxes and banking regulation, stupid!


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