Posted by: John | September 24, 2008

Team Obama please watch out!

I fear that recent events have set a trap for Barack Obama – John McSame is going to show how he `rallies against Bush and his own party` on the Economy by rejecting the bailout.

Barack Obama has done well with being steady under fire on this issue – now I would hope he’ll do the same – get his economic advisers around him and state that he’s not going to go along with anything except on the terms of the declaration he made on the campaign trail and that all those conditions be met.

Obama forget Pelosi, Schumer et al – I’ve changed my mind – listen to your own advisers and to Paul Krugman.

America is so behind the curve when it comes to the basic standards of a Western democracy it needs universal healthcare, a stable economy and proper social security.



  1. No it does not!

    It need liberalism not more corporatism and state socialism.

    Social security is going bust – NI is sucking money out of working people to pay for people who could have saved for their own retirement.

    The NHS is falling apart at the seams, has driven out the liberal institutions which pre-existed it. It is a socialist construct, corrupted from Berevidge’s intent by authoritarians.
    The US already has medicare and medicaid – they are for ever sucking up more and more money.

    Obama should listen to the health economists. Deregulate health care, revoke drugs patents (at the very least from any drug which is in part funded by government money) and licensing laws. Make modern health care affordable by all by removing the immoral protections which the health industry gets from government.

    As for a stable economy – what is the root of this crisis? Oh, the regulation and socialisation of risk instituted on behalf of the bankers to protect them from competition. Its not like our modern ‘democracy’ has any economic stability – again why? Because of the interventionist policies of government (including the Tories in the 1980s and 1990s).

    The ‘modern democracy’ you admire exists to shore up the parasitic class which makes its living by stealing from those who are forced to work to live.

  2. Have you considered that you’re in the wrong party?

    I only ask because i find your arguments exaggerated in the extreme and completely way off the mainstream Liberal Democrat opinion.
    the `socialist bankers` who have milked the system? It comes down to a choice – and one that even Republicans are going to have to make sooner or later.

    A modern democracy should address the issues you say – by closing loopholes etc etc – I would advise Obama to knock all the Democrat heads together and say to Bush (who’s in hiding) `give us a tax for the super-rich to pay for the mess and lay off the taxpayer`.

    How would revoking drug patents help? What incentive would there be for R&D – unless you are saying that that should be nationalised or wholly taxpayer funded?

    On Social Security i have some sympathies with your view – how to address the issue without being authoritarian is a thorny one though!

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