Posted by: John | September 24, 2008

Are we about to face a huge recession?

Maybe i’ve overdosed on progressive radio – any US radio is full of doom and gloom and simply lays blame on whomever it feels politic considering its political slant.

Is it me or is there something really smelly going on?

1. If haste is of the essence why haven’t the markets plunged?

2. If it’s not of the essence why the haste?

In fact WHY THE HASTE? If things are so bad wouldn’t it be best to let the markets find their own level?

Or are the facts murkier – that those at the top want to get their final payout from BushCo before Obama takes over – and then see Obama neutered as there’s no money left in the bank for things that could get him elected? Is it the same old `buggins turn` system of Government that we have over hear where the last lot clear up the other lots mess – going round and around relearning the same old lessons?

I feel we should be told – Mr Dodd, Mrs Pelosi, Mr Schumer – I may have regarded you with semi-cowardice – on this occasion cometh the people, cometh the hour!


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