Posted by: John | September 20, 2008

No longer torn on Presidential pick!

No, not that one but for the other lady!

Given the fact that Lembit can’t even get his high-profile endorsements right (someone 2nd on London MEP list and a R4 presenter) I can only see it as mendacity or lack of judgement/checking. After seeing the Conference pic on Ros’s website it’s clear that Jonathan is on board with her and from my knowledge has been for a long time.

Who Jonathan Fryer endorses doesn’t particularly sway me – getting his endorsement WRONG does!

Add that fact to these:

Ros has been campaigning for a year for the job

Ros would be able to devote the requisite energy for it

Ros would not take the shine off the people she’ll be serving and needing to link into by a big ego

Now I’ve registered with her campaign all that i need to do know is find out how i put an `I’m for Ros` badge on my site!

Can she also answer the questions i put in an earlier posting – I feel she would attract more support if she did.



  1. Lembit is not lieing, he does have backing by the people who have said it on his site. I have spoken to Afzal Anwar PPC from pendle who according to the site backed Lembit and he said he does, they sorted it at Conference.

    So You Never know Jonathan Fryer (a good blogger and person) might have like me joint the campaign of Lembit!

  2. But the picture was taken at Conference – just a few days ago! I know a bit about Jonathan and I don’t think he changes his mind that much!

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