Posted by: John | September 20, 2008

Jonathan Fryer please speak to me


It has come to my attention that it is shown on Lembit’s website your endorsement of him for Party President.

Am I correct in this assumption or is this some devious attempt on his part to attract votes? Or could it be just an oversight? In my mind I was under the assumption you were voting for Ros – maybe I’m wrong? Obviously normally it’s only a tangential influence over my voting attention and wouldn’t actually affect the main outcome – what it does speak to is the character of the candidates.

I only ask because if someone could do this I would never vote for them because it means either they’re a liar or inefficient.

Jonathan has a little influence over these internal party votes and I’d like to know.

Hope someone can help.



  1. Afzal Anwatr according to Lembit’s site is backing him, your post made me interested so I researched it only to find out Lembit is not lieing.

    I was backing Ros untill the early hours of this morning when I realised Lembit, has more experience, So now I have switched and Jonathan might have as well!

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