Posted by: John | September 19, 2008

I’m still torn on Presidential pick!

No not that one – the one between Ros and Lembit.

I like both websites and am still a little unsure as to `what the President does every day`.

Ros – upsides – Seems to WANT it! Seems a pleasant person on the vid! Paddy likes her! Seems to think its about `connecting the dots`. Isn’t an MP! (no disrespects to Simon who’s a bit of a busybee type of person) and thinks it’s all about the members.

Downsides – I still don’t know what I as a member can talk to her about should I have a problem. What does she think of the Bones Commission report ie how it affects her Presidential role.

Lembit – upsides – Seems to have wanted it a long time! Would be high-profile (is that a good thing?) Jonathan Fryer seems to like him!

Downsides – Is an MP! Again I’m still not sure he has explained what a President DOES! Again what sort of issue as a member could i approach him with? What does he think of Bones report?

So, dear reader, I’m still torn although a person `leaning to Ros`.

So can either of the campaigns answer the following questions:

1. What enquiries from the members would be the ones that you could answer or act upon?

2. How does your role integrate with Bones report?

3. What are your three priorities as President?


  1. Only Jonathan Fryer went with me to the Ros supporters photo call and is clearly backing her. Read the quote on Lembit’s website. It is clearly not for the presidential election but for a different election at a different time. I think it shows a poor lack of judgment for somebody who wants to be the elected representative of the membership to deceive them like this.

  2. I think that tells me all i need to know!

  3. I have just seen the photo on the news page of Ros’s website. Jonathan sat just behind Kirsty Williams

  4. Yes i see it now – Does Jonathan know about Lembit’s website mishaps?

    I feel a complaint is called for.

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