Posted by: John | September 18, 2008

Let’s start our Economic narrative

While thinking on the US election I can’t help noticing the similarities between LAB/CON and McPalin.

Thanks also to the 3 guides that have been blogged by `forceful & moderate`.

Could we not start a narrative or even investigate one that posits the following narrative?

1. Thatcherism allowed itself to get distorted by Conservative voting City spivs and their laisse-faire complacent philosophy. (Thatcherism to my knowledge was supposed to curtail union power and had values like `not spending more than you earn`, `work hard and save and you can have your own little house`, `look after yourself and the state will look after you`.)

2. Blairism was there to smooth out the rough edges of full-blown new right Conservatism by tying up the social loose ends that Conservative moderates particularly women were eager to address – thus the National Minimum Wage (justice for the worse off), LGBT rights (for their friends, perhaps even their kids), more spending on Health and Education (for their families).

3. Now at this `defining moment` people are wanting to return to those old Conservative values of sound money but with Liberal social values. Our message should be `don’t reward those that got us in this mess in the first place` – Alistair Darling is closing the door before the horse has bolted while George Osborne can’t change the Conservative fixation with the `markets` as they are full of his core supporters. We need to link all deregulation that occurred under their watch in the 80s to the present day with Con/Labbery.

If Labour are in hock to the unions, the Conservatives are in hock not only to big business but bad business! Add Lord Ashcroft to this the mix becomes toxic!

In US Obama has the upper hand as he is perceived as having a fresh perspective on the Economy – people aren’t as willing to reward the people that got them into the mess to get them out of it.

In Britain we can do the same with Con/Labbery.

If we appeal to the middle England soft Conservatives with the radical redistributers we could be on to a winner – add on our core voters hey presto!

We’ve already copied Obama’s campaign in the automated dialling thing – let’s use our website to raise money from `small` supporters. Come on Lib Dem Pics give us some phrases to use in letters and literature.


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