Posted by: John | September 17, 2008

Managing what we do post-conference

Well it’s been a great week for us (despite a couple of hiccups). We voted, as did I, for Nick Clegg to be our leader and leading he is.

What we need to do now is to get involved in that city reforms arguments we need to employ Vince and Nick to explain both why we wouldn’t be here in the first place and where we would go from here. The contrasts with the US are stark. We are suffering a failed light-touch capitalistic environment. The Conservatives who lit the touch paper for this regime are scrabbling round on both sides of the Atlantic trying to say `not us gov!`. We need to lay the blame where it lies – with the Thatcherite system of Conservatism carried on by a supine naive Labour Government.

Knowing the people as I do who are involved with our phone operations I’m sure that we have dotted all our i’s and crossed our t’s regarding information commissioners concerns on our automated calling system. As one of the Party’s market researchers in this respect I’m both intrigued by the operation as I am cautious.

Now’s the time to really push our message out. Any chance of off the shelf leaflets with main points from `making it happen` that we can print out?


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