Posted by: John | September 16, 2008

`It’s the economy, stupid!`

For Obama? No not just for him but for US!

By that i mean the Liberal Democrats.

Looks like Gordon Brown is going to go around like a blue-arsed fly trying to `reform` the system. This is at a time when people are queuing up for nomination papers that he won’t give out.

Let’s say it clearly – it’s our very own VINCE CABLE that has done the running on this. I think it’s time for Vince to step up to the plate again and claim his own reward. It’s him that has done this representing the Liberal Democrats. The other parties with Alistair Darling and George Osborne will be falling over themselves to present themselves as `reformers. The ins and outs of the City will become common parlance in months to come rather like the geography of Iraq HAS become in the past five years.

I think we should do the following:

1. Vince to give a press conference with our proposals for the City

2. Us to ask for a BBC (or another channel) for an hour long programme on the Economy – where the parties stand and let the public in on the debate. It must cover what went wrong and what our proposals are. We can win on this issue – let’s claim our prize!


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