Posted by: John | September 12, 2008

Palin: What problem does this woman have with rape victims?

We all know that she is against aborting a pregnancy caused by rape. In 2000 when she was Mayor of Wassila it was policy to charge rape victims for their own forensic exams straight after the event.

In 2000 Joe Biden as part of the `Violence against Women Act` made this illegal should the state want federal funding under the act.

It took a Democrat Governor at the time to push legislation for it to be made illegal in the state of Alaska – Wassila under Palin was either holding out to be the only town to have this policy or perhaps she was asleep on the job. Looks from the HuffPo report that she was for women (and men – but let’s not befuddle her socially challenged mind too much) paying for these tests.

Some feminist.


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