Posted by: John | September 10, 2008


Please see my earlier posting on the Presidency.

The reason why I raised the issue is because Ros Scott has stuck her neck out and seems genuinely interested in the role. It made me CARE about the Presidency.

Hence, I made suggestions.

I then look at her blog and it all makes sense until:

`And as for wondering why they haven’t waited to see a formal manifesto, how many of you are going to wait until you read the Party’s manifesto before deciding whether or not to vote Liberal Democrat at the next election?`

Why muddy the waters with this nonsense? Ros has explained it all earlier in her blog – however, the difference between a vote for the Lib Dems and one for the Presidency is because we are all SIGNED UP as Lib Dems and it’s pretty clear what the general shape of the manifesto will be. That’s why we’re all waiting for Conference to tidy up the loose ends. In short, we know the main tenor of the manifesto for the election.

The main point is that the reason why people are asking, and may have got in contact with her team, is that the role of the Presidency is an INTERNAL PARTY affair of a role that is fuzzily-defined. That’s why we want it defined! That’s why we want somebody who is really focussed on it.

I simply don’t understand why Ros said such a nonsense phrase – I’ve no problem with someone wanting to endorse her at this point – that is completely their own affair. Ros, we’re not stupid, and you seem to keep on taking one step forward and two steps back!



  1. I think John she was trying to support some of those us who have already supported her from some of the accusations that we are supporting a manifesto-less candidate, supporting the first declared runner etc. While such comments may not necessarily have appeared on your blog they have been leveled to some degree in some discussions.

    As with most elections some know quite well how the manifesto will be being shaped through all manner of means, while others who maybe are not conference attendees or policy geeks won’t know all the fine details, just as you say the general tenor. Same applies when a candidate puts themself forward for any position within the party they will have made their intentions clear to many and start making soundings to see what sort of uptake there is likely to be outside their immediate circle and if there is anything else that needs coinsideration in the meantime.

  2. I would never suggest that someone who has endorsed someone before nominations was doing it from anything else except from sincerity – they obviously know them, have met them, likes what the candidate’s saying or just likes the name!

    I don’t know, am I too serious!

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